Wind Solar Hybrid

Once the sole domain of solar cells, generating electric power is now as efficiently handled by micro wind turbines. At GES, we have also engineered a technology that draws on a combination of wind and solar power, popularly known as hybrid system, which virtually eliminates or offsets the usage of conventional energy.


Highly refined and engineered for reliability and performance Highest build quality in its class Superior grade magnets for long life High grade stator laminations for superior performance Triple insulation plus 'diathon' EPI coat to ensure resistance against inclement weather conditions to protect stator Unique conformal coat / treatment on all parts and stainless steel yaw shaft system High performance sealed dual track ball bearings for long lasting and smooth performance Alloy copper brush contacts on yaw bearing ensure nx360o yaw rotation for wind generator; no locking of cables / unwinding of cables are needed. True angle governing complimented by controller to prevent over speeding of rotor High performance carbon fibre composite reinforced rotor blades treated with special epoxy resins and high gloss PU coat Careful layering technique complimented by meticulously balanced light weight carbon fiber blades ensure smoothest operation under all conditions, extending the life of generator High efficiency low cog loss permanent magnet radial flux alternator with efficiencies exceeding 87%. Unique angle governing mechanism ensures high power production even beyond furling speeds > 60kmph where most competitive models the power drop is significant. Feature rich electronic micro-controller for energy management, low end power boost mpp regulator ensures efficient energy transfer, protection by continuous RPM monitoring etc.


Power generation in villas and in locations where grid power is unavailable Traffic islands Street lighting, etc.

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