Vehicle & Laundry Wash Water Recycling

The Company is the only manufacturer of Closed Loop, 100% Recycling Plants for treating water from Automobile & Heavy Equipment Wash Stations. These Plants are capable of treating and returning for re-use the total quantity of water from any wash facility.

The custom designed plants can go into any existing or new facility for automatic or manual wash. They run automatically and are low in maintenance.


Facilitates complete recycling and total reuse of wash water and deliver crystal clear, odour free, sanitized rinse quality water. No discharge to the sewer. Minimal fresh water requirement. Reduces water bill by 85-90% and 100% of the waste water haulage cost Modular design; Easily expandable, transportable and re-locatable Low maintenance.

Vehicle Wash Water Recycling

The Company offers Recycling Plants for the Laundry Wash Water. These plants are designed for varied customer requirements be it an industrial/ commercial laundry, hotel, hospital, prison, ship or any other application

It manufactures an exclusive range of recycling plants for yarn and textile dyeing & processing and garment manufacturing units

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