Sustainable Farming & Smart Irrigation

Micro-irrigation, commonly referred to as "drip" or "low-volume" irrigation, offers a way to improve quality while saving water. When designed and used correctly, this approach can improve the efficiency of irrigation through the precise application of water. With proper design, operation and maintenance, micro-irrigation systems can have many benefits, including:

Decreased water loss from evaporation, wind and runoff . Minimized pest problems, such as weeds and diseases, by applying water to the root area of the plant. Increased water application efficiency Flexibility in meeting variable water needs of new, maturing and established plants.

Global Engineering Systems has highly qualified and experienced experts in irrigation technology and water conservation techniques. For many years, GES Agriculture division has been providing the state of art technology support in micro irrigation techniques and horticulture industry. Catering a wide variety of clients, we have earned a reputation for integrity, hard work and client satisfaction in Agricultural sector. Professionalism and excellence in project execution, our attention to detail and commitment to customer care are the foundations for our long-term success. Our projects include huge Agricultural developments by local governments, private estates, residential and commercial properties and environmental projects.

We support in design and execution of irrigation packages for specific projects. We design, build, supply and install pump rooms, water reservoirs, concrete/GLS tanks, central control system using ET and weather stations, main line and secondary irrigation using drip, sprinkler and perfo systems. We accomplish computerized model that ensure uniform application of water once the irrigation system is installed in the field. We also help to determine how to reduce energy cost and save water though enhancing your water management capabilities and allowing conservation of water through mixed technologies.

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