Sustainable Development

This wing of GES is all about providing you with answers in efficient sustenance of resources and environment while promoting the growth of your business. To this intend, GES offers the following energy efficient services & products.

Sustainable development continues to be the key idea around which environment and economy are structured. The Sustainable Development Business division of Global Engineering Systems FZC is firmly committed towards integrating economic development, environmental protection and social development.

Human beings create impacts on the environment through how we live our lives. Another way to say this is that we all leave an ecological footprint behind every activity we do. Based on the findings by United States Environmental Protection Agency, Natural Resource depletion is reduced by improving the technology with which we use them. Identifying technology as the key element in deriving the value of the natural capital and using it in favor of economic welfare, GES provides radical environmental solutions for Global Sustainable Development through our products and services with primary focus on the 3 pillars of sustainability.

GES provides the latest innovations in turnkey renewable energy technologies, energy saving systems and water savers, in addition to a wide range of products and systems that can be integrated into any existing building or new construction.

GES has LEED and Estidama certified staff for Green Building Consultation and is a certified consultant and commissioning authority with Dubai's office of Environment, Health and Safety. We also facilitate energy and water auditing, carbon footprint assessments and Clean Development Mechanism.

GES holds agency and distributorship rights from some of the best known manufacturers in the world of special purpose instruments and equipments for air, soil and water pollution monitoring.

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