Solar Water Heater

Solar heaters are one of the key products of the renewable energy market. GES offers invaluable expertise in design, engineering, manufacture, integration, installation and turnkey execution in solar thermal/heating systems.


Non contact Copper Coating in vacuum for clog free performance Uniform heat gain and zero cold spots Ultra modern Azure-tech support structures for easy installation to varied roof types Oligo-dynamic antibacterial system to ensure water freshness and soothing bath HCFC Free, Eco Friendly, High Density PUF Insulation for High Heat Retention Suitable for Soft and Hard Water UV resistant exterior finishing Sputter deposited three coating of high temperature absorption Magnesium Anode for Galvanic Protection Selective Coated Absorber Ultrasonic Welding Screw less Anodized housing with auto drain mechanism Solar KEYMARK European and Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI) certified collectors Suitable for Domestic and Industrial applications Easy self support stands for User Friendly Installation Can be roof mounted or roof integrated

the end.