Sewage Treatment & Recycling

The Company offers the most advanced Treatment Technologies for Domestic, Commercial and Municipal Sewage.

These treatment processes are typically referred to as:

Primary treatment (solid settlement) Secondary treatment (biological treatment) Tertiary treatment (additional polishing stages such as ,
Multi‐media filtration or disinfection by chlorination, ozonation, U‐V filtration.)

The treated water may be re‐used for landscaping, irrigation, toilet flushing, curing of concrete, dust suppression purposes The core of the biological treatment process is the Moving Bed® Biofilm Technology ‐‐‐the biofilm grows protected within engineered plastic carriers, which are carefully designed with high internal surface area. These biofilm carriers are suspended and thoroughly mixed throughout the water phase. With this technology it is possible to handle extremely high loading conditions without any problems of clogging, and treat industrial and municipal wastewater on a relatively small footprint.

Technology Advantages

Very small footprint Compactness – Foot prints substantially smaller than conventional processes, thereby saving precious real estate. With specific choices of secondary and tertiary treatment methods, the plant size can be brought down to 15 to 40% the size of a conventional plant Flexibility - with respect to shock loads and varying loads. Ideal where gradual increase of capacity is required Easy expandability (often without any additional civil work). It is the most cost effective technology for expansion of existing plants built even based on other technologies. Best suited for Nutrient (N & P) removal. Lower power consumption Reliable Process with Stable Results. Self Controlling Biomass - No F/M ratio , SVI. Sludge Wasting Rates and No MLSS to be maintained No risk of Sludge Bulking Biofilm carrier guaranteed for 25 years Potential Capital Cost Savings & Lower Operating Costs No potential plugging of aeration devices - as only coarse bubble aeration is employed and the same does not require any maintenance Maintenance free : The coarse bubble aeration does not require any maintenance nor replacement of components Requires very little operator skill or interference

Anox Kaldnes MBBR™ Technology

Global Engineering Systems (GES) is the Licensee for the world renowned AnoxKaldnes MBBR™ process invented and patented by AnoxKaldnes, a Swedish – Norwegian conglomerate with several intellectual properties in the field of wastewater treatment technology. It is a Licensee of Anox Kaldnes for 11 Countries including GCC & India.

When communities of microorganisms grow on surfaces, they are called biofilms. The MBBR™ Biofilm technology is based on specially designed plastic biofilm carriers or biocarriers that are suspended and in continuous movement within a tank or reactor of specified volume. Along with the other components in the system, these biocarriers help break down pollutants in the water.

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