Partners in progress

Global Engineering Systems strategic alliances with renowned names in conservation technology enables it to provide world class services and products. Some of its esteemed partners include:

AnoxKaldnes Global AB, Sweden

MBBR Technology & All its variations:Licensee for all 6 GCC Countries, India, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan & Ethiopia.
World Water Works – Dissolved Air Floatation System:

Service Partner for MENA and India
Wedeco AG, Germany – Water disinfection with UV light & water oxidation using Ozone:

Service Partner for UAE
Innovative Membrane Technologies B.V. Netherlands– Ultrafiltration membranes:

Service Partner for MENA, India. DistributionPartner in Oman
ENWA Water Treatment AS Norway – Side Stream Filtration in heating & cooling system:

DistributionPartner for GULF and India
In-Situ, Inc., USA – Ground & Surface Water Quality Monitoring Systems:

Distributor for Oman and Rights for UAE, Qatar, Bahrain & Kuwait have been transferred to the Consulting Business.
Cometas, Denmark – Ceramic Membrane Solutions

Service partner for Middle East, Gulf, India and parts of Africa
ERG, UK– Wastewater Odour Control Systems

Service Partner for India, GULF
Gesellschaft für Abwasser- und Abfalltechnik mbH, Germany - Sequential Batch Reactor

Service Partner for GULF region
Inrigo AS - Joint Process and Technology Development Research Partner

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