Energy & Water Auditing and Conservation

Energy and water auditing serves to determine and analyze an institution's consumption of these growingly scarce resources. At GES,we create policies and programs that will minimize energy and water use, thereby efficiently reducing costs and maximizing profits.

The Advantage with GES Energy and Water Auditing

At Global Engineering Systems FZC, we partner with U V Krishna Mohan Rao Associates (UVKA) from India (National Award winners for Best Energy Auditors and International specialists in Green Business Development) to offer the best energy and water audit processes to any establishment. Needless to say, GES-UVKA, is abreast with the latest developments in Energy and Resource Management.

GES-UVKA is dedicated to provide comprehensive and customized solutions to clients - from preliminary surveys to implementation of identified conservation projects. Our integrated approach to energy management takes care of every aspect of the facility being monitored, such as generation, conversion, utilization efficiency etc. With our Total Energy Management (TEM) culture, we have been instrumental in assisting our clients (which include International organizations like Asian Development Bank, UNDP, USAID and United Nations ESCAP, Bangkok) to achieve outstanding efficiencies in energy utilization.

Our TEM Methodology

1. Energy/Water Data Collection and Analysis:

GES-UVKA collects information for each facility in the specific 'Energy & Resource Management Data Formats' and compares it with the extensive database available. If necessary, our expert will visit the facility for a general review of energy/water systems to assess the operational efficiency and economy.

2. Energy/Water Detailed Study:

A proposal will be made highlighting the energy/water conservation potential and the cost for the energy / water savings achievement services. Once accepted, technical and management experts will make an in-depth study of the operations, equipment and systems, discuss the scope with the operating personnel in management, engineering and maintenance and submit detailed recommendations for energy / water environmental benefits. This covers electrical, thermal, alternate energy / water savings proposals, conservation methods, implementation etc. with or without capital investment.

3. Custom-made Training:

The client personnel are trained in the specifics of energy/water conservation of their facility to enable them to implement the recommendations and monitor progress. Energy / water conservation manuals are prepared to suit the facilities and the level of technology ineach facility.

4. Energy/Water Conservation At New Project Stage:

As a part of consultancy services for energy/water conservation, GES-UVKA provides energy/water saving package deals for incorporating into a new plant or building at inception or plant expansion stage itself.

5. Awareness Assistance:

Consulting assistance also includes advice on appropriate energy/water conservation awareness programs.

6. Period of Association:

For the implementation assignment, GES-UVKA would be associated with the client based on the nature of the energy/water conservation strategy, typically 3-18 months.

7. Implement & Achieve Savings:

GES-UVKA assists in implementing the recommendations, monitoring the progress and ensures that real savings are achieved.

Our Range of Services

Energy-Environmental audits and surveys for identification and evaluation of cost reduction opportunities and potential assessment. Implementation and monitoring of Energy / Water Saving Schemes Shared savings – Performance Contracting Financial and Project management services for Energy / Water Cost Reductions Electrical System Audit including System Analysis. HVAC Studies Steam System Audits Captive Power and Co-generation Studies Testing of Boiler Plants and Furnaces Compressed Air System Audits Water and Effluent Water Management Waste minimization and recycling BMS Optimization Refrigeration System Audits Energy Management Systems appraisal and specification Seminars and Training Programs Sector-wise Energy Audit Manuals Energy / Water Conservation for new expansion projects. Carbon Footprint Assessment

Our Savings Oriented Assignments

Identifying Energy-Environmental Efficiency Measures (EEM) Involving Client Personnel and obtaining their feedback to finalize each EEM and for acceptance of EEMs for implementation involving all layers: Chief Executive
Divisional Heads
Departmental Heads
Shop Floor
Determining the capital costs with firm quotes from vendors incorporating financial analysis and recommending financing methodology. Assisting and implementing EEM: selection of vendors, equipment and systems, trials, troubleshooting. Establish saving parameters: installation of data loggers, meters and computerized monitoring for Measurement and Verification of savings. Institute Project Management and organizational measures to ensure that the implementation is successful and savings are realized. M&V: Measuring the savings, monitoring the progress, ensuring and verifying that the savings are realized and reporting the progress on a monthly basis to the top management. Awareness, Motivation, & Training.

Areas of Expertise

GES-UVKA experts have successfully completed over 100 assignments worldwide and which include:

Hotels Hospitals Office complexes Malls Residential building complexes Automotive industry Cement factories Dairy and Food processing Engineering, Foundries, Metals & Metal products Glass Ceramics and Refractory Paper & Pulp Sugar & Distilleries Synthetics & Manmade Fibres, Textiles Tyres and Rubber Products Agro Industries

the end.