Biogas Plants

Global Engineering Systems in collaboration with Scalene Greenergy Corporation Limited(SGCL), Bangalore, India, provides waste to energy - SERIGAS technology, which is the first of its kind in the world that has been the result of extensive research and development. It has been designed to process any feedstock including food waste, kitchen waste, municipal solid waste, oil effluents, agricultural crops such as corn, slaughter waste, poultry waste, fish waste, animal dung, night soil, weeds such as water hyacinth, water lettuce etc. The standardized configuration of the technology allows quick and trouble-free construction and subsequent commissioning of your power plant.


Pipeline grade compressed natural gas Organic/Bio fertilizers are the byproducts Modular capacity up gradation is possible A single skilled person to operate the control room of upto 5 MW capacity gas and power plants Automatic monitoring and control of all vital parameters including pH, temperature, humidity, flow rate etc Less down time and maintenance cost Cost per unit of electricity produced is less compared to conventional biogas plants Demand based auto synchronized power generation control suitable for smart grid connectivity Zero discharge and carbon negative

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